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Cycle Through The City

f you’re a Vancouver local, you’ve seen the morning and evening streets fill with cyclists on their daily commutes. Our mid-sized city, with its stunning views and temperate climate, is the perfect place to ditch your car in favour of your bike. While residents get to enjoy our bike-friendly city year-round, we aren’t the only ones to benefit. This year,  Vancouver made the 18th spot on Wired’s list of “The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet, Ranked.” This year is the first time Vancouver has made Wired’s annual list, tied with the only other North American city (hi Montreal!).


Vancouver has always been the epitome of active West Coast living. Now, the rise of protected  bike lanes throughout the downtown core and increasingly popular bike-share programs have led to a shift in thinking. Vancouver’s urban bike culture is growing, with an emphasis on bicycles as transportation, not just sport.


In May, BC’s provincial government announced that $2.2 million in funding would be allocated to select municipalities in Metro Vancouver. The funds will go towards upgrading bike lanes, making them safer and more accessible for all ages and abilities.


Cycling isn’t just for commuters, either. Vancouver’s sunny summers are often the most popular time for tourists to explore the city on two wheels. Bike rental services are popular throughout the city, especially near the Stanley Park seawall. 


Though our early bike lanes were once controversial, Vancouver’s inclusion on the Wired list puts us in some prestigious company. Whether you’re commuter or an explorer, there’s never been a better time to discover Vancouver by bike.

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