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Make the Most of a Small Space

For many of us, an urban lifestyle grants us access to fresh croissants, coffee, and flowers right outside our front door, but it doesn’t always mean a lot of space. A small space can start to feel crowded, but small doesn’t need to mean sacrifice, and it certainly doesn’t need to feel like less of a fully functioning home. Good things can indeed come in small packages.

There’s actually plenty of usable space all around you—it really comes down to making the most of your square footage. And since we’re all spending more time at home these days, wouldn’t it be divine to have your home feel more spacious and functional?

Go Vertical
We often think of our space in terms of square feet of floor space, but what about air space? Think of the areas above doors, cupboards, and furniture. Consider what could hang from the ceiling rather than join the traffic on the floor. When it comes to maximizing your small space, it could be time to build up, not out.

Some great ways to take advantage of this oft-unused space:

  • shelving above doors and around the kitchen and living room perimeters for things like books and cookware
  • wall sconces for lights
  • hooks for hanging the items you love from the ceiling like plants and bikes
  • consider purchasing a tv that can be mounted on the wall (immediate floor or coffee table space gained).
If your WFH situation has you working from your bedroom or living room, a mounted wall desk takes up very little space and creates a home office in no time. Don’t stop there, though: you can even mount shelves above your desk for additional storage and decor space. Taking your rooms all the way to the top will also make the area feel higher and more spacious.

Dual Purpose
Get your home working smarter, not harder. Seize every opportunity to use an item or room in multiple ways—think furniture with built-in storage solutions and spaces that can serve a variety of purposes. A bed with the ability to store all of your winter clothes over the summer? Yes, please. An ottoman that can hold a bundle of cozy blankets and pillows for when guests come to stay? Now you’re talking.

Speaking of guests, a couch deep enough to double as a spare bed (or a trundle bed that transforms into sleep space for two) will have you welcoming out-of-town guests in comfort and style. A thoughtfully selected table can easily take a room from office to dining room, and a Murphy bed works like a dream to seamlessly turn either a living room into a bedroom once the sun goes down.

Intentional Decor
Paying attention to form, not just function, can go a long way to helping you make the most of a small area.

Calm, neutral tones create the illusion of more space, and varying textures of rugs, plants, or wall hangings will keep the room from feeling flat. Light and bright walls are more reflective and can make an area feel more open. In contrast, dark colours will absorb light and make it feel smaller.

If you’re short on windows, well-placed mirrors are an efficient and effective way to make any room feel larger. Never underestimate the power of good lighting, either. Multiple light sources can help illuminate the entire room, leaving no dark corners. In the quest to maximize space, light is our friend.

To Store and Conceal
You don’t have to be a devout minimalist to live fabulously in confined quarters: storage is gold when optimizing a small space. Finding storage space in previously unused square footage can help you declutter in no time. When the storage is part of the walls (or doors!), you won’t lose as much of your precious square footage—think hooks on the backs of doors for hanging bags and tasteful shelving over doors to display books and speakers.

Apply creative solutions to unlock the hidden storage potential around your pad, like multi-purpose furniture and tables with hidden drawers or furnishings that can be stored and packed away when not in use. Storage isn’t just a smart way to create more space. It helps to hide excess stuff, keeping things neat, tidy, and serene.

Concealing an entire area can also give you the space you crave. Try a tasteful curtain divider for a bedroom and living room combo or a stylish screen to separate your workspace from your dining area.

They say nothing makes a room feel smaller than clutter, and we couldn’t agree more. There are several strategies to help you tackle the clutter, including getting rid of objects you haven’t used in the past year and letting go of items that no longer bring you joy. Decluttering seems such an obvious move for creating more space, but it’s surprisingly difficult for many of us.

We all know how the saying goes—waste not, want not. This couldn’t be more applicable than when trying to make the most of a small space. Applying this adage to every square inch of your oasis in your furniture choices, decor, and storage solutions will have your living space expanding right before your eyes.

Ready for More Room?
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